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Tissue Culture of Nepenthes Update

IMG_7177Have acquired some Nepenthes (Suratensis x Mirabilis Var. Globosa)x allardii and put them in tissue culture. These were put in this media about 6 weeks ago and just thought Id show the progress they are making.

The yellow media is a rooting medium mixed to provide nutrients to make root growth to help them get going once taken out of culture and into the real world.

The rusty color media is a multiplication media made to get the most plantlets going as healthily possible.

The last one is callus which makes a blog of growth that will be split up and put into rooting or multiplication or even a media without hormones to let it normalize.

IMG_7178After experimenting a bit the plants were grown out and put into the greenhouse.  Tons of plants were made from the cultures.


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