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Extra Plants June 30

I am moving some plants around and need to make a little bit of room so I’m going to get rid of a few excess plant I’m not going to use.



Echinodorus opacus rataj emersed

cryptocoryne beckettii emersed

crypt hudoroi emersed
If you are interested send me an email.  Am open to trades as well so we can get a wider variety in the plant collection.


opacus rataj










Above is an echinodorus opacus ‘rataj’ swordplant cultivar.   I have a couple this size that are available.  leaf count may vary but they are about the same.


Above is cryptocoryne hudoroi growing semi emersed.  The room in the growing area is limited so this needs to fit in a bin half the size its in now so Im clearing some of it to make way

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