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Donate to the Plant Library GoFundMe Campaign

Vessel of Nepenthes in Home Plant Tissue CultureWe have started a GoFundMe (You Can Donate Here) to raise funds for the Plant Library.  You can also send money through Paypal to us at

We’ve spent several thousand dollars on plant tissue culture equipment and supplies but we still need some more equipment and materials to grow to a level to be able to be stable.  We know what happens when we do nothing about logging, palm oil, and development.  We lost a lot of species.

We want to keep growing plants in order to reduce poaching and wild collecting also.  Our goal is to acquire and propagate as many species as we can that can be kept by aquarium keepers, terrarium hobbyists, and houseplant enthusiasts before they are gone in the wild.

Biotope One’s Plant Library needs to increase its plant tissue culture productivity in order to help save threatened plant species. Most of the species we concentrate on are suitable for the aquarium and terrarium hobby.

Many endemic plant species are lost to palm oil plantations, development, and timber harvesting. These species are often only found in very small habitats and once disturbed are lost to nature forever.

We gather what we can and propagate them with conventional methods as well as plant tissue culture. The Plant Library Initiative collects these plants and cultivates them even if they can no longer be made to thrive in their natural habitat.

Plants grown out from tissue culture waiting to be shipped to hobbyists.

Biotope One’s Plant Library Initiative goal is to collect, propagate (horticultural, plant tissue culture, and breeding programs), document, and disseminate endemic and other plants suitable for hobbyists and enthusiasts. It is a living flora and fauna bank, similar to a seed bank. This conservation-based Plant Library Initiative focuses on sustainable biodiversity to preserve and protect flora and fauna in its natural habitat.

Using plant tissue culture we are reducing the impact of poaching and wild collection of flora and fauna in areas with habitat destruction.
By producing plants in lab conditions we can supply plants that otherwise would be illegally collected or unsustainably collected in places like Borneo, Indonesia, India, and Africa.

A great many of these plants are not protected by law and some still do not even have scientific names. Through destructive land management practices, we lose plants regularly that have no official scientific name, and we don’t know even how many plant species have been lost.

Please donate to help us grow the program that we have now. Your monetary contribution to this project helps save endemic plants and introduce new aquarium plants into the hobby. All contributions will go directly to this project.

Every dollar helps.

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