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The Blind Cave Biotope Recreated

The Blind Cave Biotope Recreated  The blind cave biotope is one that most people will never see.  I personally have only visited one in my entire life while visiting Mammoth Caves in the state of Kentucky during my travels throughout the United States.  It is most certainly a quite different …

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Sinogastromyzon Nantaiensis Hillstream Loach of Southern Taiwan

The Qishan river in Kaohsiung, Taiwan holds many interesting cool water loaches.  Many of the hillstream loaches are not common in the aquarium trade.  As with other similar loaches, Sinogastromyzon nantaiensis require faster-moving water and well-oxygenated water. S. nantaiensis inhabits the middle reaches of the stream in areas with sandy and fine …

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Grinding Your Own Fish Food

Grinding ingredients for frozen fish food.

Small fish rooms with a lot of fish to feed can get costly.  With several large South and Central American cichlids to feed daily buying prepared food from the fish store can get expensive.  As the fish get bigger they eat more, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with prepackaged …

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Lake Rukwa Tanzania

Hans van Heusden netting fish in Lake Rukwa, Tanzania.

Lake Rukwa Valley lies at an elevation of 2,600 feet between Lake Nyasa and Lake Tanganyika. Its low southeastern edge includes the shallow, alkaline Lake Rukwa, which is fringed by the North and Central Rukwa plains.   The lake is home to around 60 fish species with nearly one-third endemic. Lake …

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