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We Need Your Photos

We are looking for biotope pictures of natural environments that our favorite plants come from.  From cryptocorynes, anubias, and carnivorous plants to sword plants, stem plants, and jewel orchids – we need them all.  In order to try to assimilate information about where some of these plants come from we need …

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The Cryptocoryne Collection

We have some common and not so common cryptocoryne species, like c. hudoroi, c. Wendtii “flamingo”, “green”, and “Florida Sunset”.  There are about 55 cryptocorynes and we are working on building our collection the best we can.  We have them submersed and emersed grown depending on the species while some are growing …

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Welcome to the New Biotope One Site

Whether you keep a planted aquarium, a terrarium, paludarium, or vivarium there’s something for you here.  Plants, materials, and techniques will prove that this resource is a valuable tool in maintaining your fish, frogs, insects, or whatever your tank inhabitants might be.

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