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Dipping Your Plants to Lose the Algae

We all have problems with algae in our tanks as some point in time.  When we have adjusted our parameters to combat the algal growth we can take steps to remove unwanted algae from our plants.  Other times they are plants we have obtained from another source and we want …

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Dr. Alex Ploeg Ornamental Fish Industry’s Secretary General Claimed in Plane Crash

Among those killed in the Malaysian Airlines flight 17 that was shot down was Dr. Alex Ploeg of the Ornamental Fish Industry.  Ploeg who was traveling with his wife Edith, their son Robert and his friend Robin also died in the attack on the Malaysian airliner. Ploeg was the Secretary General of …

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Bertolonia From Seed

Germinating seeds of bertolonia is not that difficult. One of the best ways is to mix a potting mix of half African violet soil and one half perlite. On top of this add a thin layer of African violet potting soil a few millimeters thick. Use a tall 32 ounce …

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Lagenandra thwaitesii I Think

  Here is my first specimen of Lagenandra.  I got it without being certain of the name.  It’s not all that common and when a plant that’s not common or easy to get comes along you have to take a chance sometimes.  I think it is L. thwaitesii but Im no …

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Terrariums Quick and Easy

I ran across small terrariums when I was trying to keep specimen plants inside.  I had so many plants and so little room to keep them.  Keeping terrariums is fun, especially when you keep larger enclosures, but often times smaller containers are overlooked. With an overabundance of cryptocorynes and some …

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Tissue Cultured Cryptocorynes

Here are some of the cryptocorynes that I am working on for the plant library for Biotope One.  So far there are about 8 to 10 crypt varieties in some form of cultuivation or another.  Some are easier to start than others, and some grow faster than others.  Some plants …

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