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Aquatic Plants

Ooia Grabowskii (sp?)

I ordered some plants and as an extra special surprise of unknown certainty I obtained some plants without knowing what I was to get. Usually I like to know what I’m getting, or at least how to take care of it.  There was one plant wrapped in a paper towel …

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Cryptocoryne Hudoroi

  I grow my hudoroi without much peat and prefer to use topsoil or even no organic material in the mix.   My understanding and limited information research suggests that its from primarily a limestone stream biotope that has little or limited nutrients compared to the blackwater peat streams that …

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The cryptocoryne is a great aquarium and terrarium plant that can be grown well emersed or submerged.  Emersed grown plants tend to grow faster than those underwater submerged plants do but don’t color up as brightly as their underwater counterparts do. The versatility of the cryptocoryne allows it to be …

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Dipping Your Plants to Lose the Algae

We all have problems with algae in our tanks as some point in time.  When we have adjusted our parameters to combat the algal growth we can take steps to remove unwanted algae from our plants.  Other times they are plants we have obtained from another source and we want …

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Tissue Cultured Cryptocorynes

Here are some of the cryptocorynes that I am working on for the plant library for Biotope One.  So far there are about 8 to 10 crypt varieties in some form of cultuivation or another.  Some are easier to start than others, and some grow faster than others.  Some plants …

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