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Aquatic Plants

A World of Eriocaulon Aquarium Plants

A World of Eriocaulon by Bernd Marks Unfortunately Eriocaulons are still a marginal phenomenon in the hobby, and they really don’t deserve this status.  For almost 2 years I have kept E. shiga, E. sieboldianum, E. polaris,  E. sulawesi sp, and E. goias. In the course of time I have …

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Multiplying Eriocaulon Plants by Division

Dividing Eriocaulon

Dividing Eriocaulon to Produce New Plants by Bernd Marks I have kept a variety of eriocaulon for a couple years.   Erio’s are a marginalized aquarium plant and it should be more popular with hobbyists for many reasons.  First of all, they are easy to keep and secondly they are …

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Capable and Versatile Cryptocorynes

Cryptocoryne variety

Cryptocorynes are an interesting group of plants.  They are largely easy to keep and make great low light plants for the planted aquarium.  Naturally they grow along shaded stream banks and shallow water as they are really mostly semi aquatic plants.  There is a wide variety of species available to the …

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Removing Glue From Glass Jars

Removing Glass Label Adhesives I like to use glass jars for my projects for several reasons.  Storing chemicals, keeping mosses or emersed aquatic plants, or making a terrarium.  They are readily available and easy to find.  They have all sorts of lids, shapes, and sizes that come in handy for …

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Aroid Houseplants Buce and Aridarum?

Today I received some of my supplies to get back into potting and propagating plants.  I bought a few carnivorous plants from fellow hobbyist and needed to pot them up.  Sarracenia flava varieties, a drosera, and a Venus fly trap got unwrapped and potted up for the balcony. The wife …

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Making Your Own Custom Potting Soil

potting soil media

Potting soil is really just a soilless plant medium.   You can make your own potting soil if you have a little time and a little knowledge about what is required for a potting medium.  Some plants require differing soil contents, drainage, and texture.  The only other necessity is the ingredients …

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DIY Clay Root Tab Fertilizer

DIY Clay Root Tabs

DIY root tabs made with dry fertilizers are an excellent way to nourish your aquarium economically and get great results.  Lots of people use dry fertilizers to dose dry, or they mix them with water to make a solution and dose that way.  There is also a way to make root …

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DIY Giant Cladophora Ball

Oliver Knott built this amazing planted piece using readily available materials.  We would like to thank him for the time to photograph and explain the process and show off some of his amazing talent and techniques. The first step is to install a mount to the bottom of the glass to anchor …

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The Life and Times of Tissue Cultured Cryptocoryne

Ive shown the photos of the agar gelled tissue culture vessels that line the shelves in our makeshift laboratory.  Many people have contacted us asking what happens to them next.  Most often times they are deflasked and planted into an aquarium, wabi sabi, or terrarium if they aren’t traded off.  …

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Agrarium Dose and Grow for the Planted Tank Beginner

Agrarium Dosing Chart

Growing aquatic plants in your aquarium doesn’t have to be extremely difficult or require expensive tools.  Of course they will help and as you become more experienced you may begin to utilize them to your advantage.  For the average beginner this can be overwhelming and expensive.  There are a multitude …

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