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Plant Tissue Culture Project

Deforestation Loss

Plant Tissue Culture Project Every day we lose 100 plant and animal species to deforestation.  Palm oil plantations, timber cutting, and development are destroying jungles and forests at an incredible rate.  Destruction has left us with only 1/3 of Earth’s forests.  Plants are not like animals that can move around during …

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Home Plant Tissue Culture Made Easy

More and more plant tissue cultured aquarium plants are coming available.  They’re becoming affordable too and we can see them in many shops regularly now.  Most plants already in tissue culture can easily be put into multiplication cultures so that you too can grow masses of plants easily.  They even …

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NaDCC Pool Chemical as an Explant Sterilization Tool

Cryptocoryne undulata in vitro

Sterilization of your explants for plant tissue culture is a very important step in creating cultures of viable productive vessels.  There are many ways to go about sterilizing plant material to inoculate your cultures with a new plant.  NaDCC is a very effective and affordable means for those that practice …

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