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Capable and Versatile Cryptocorynes

Cryptocoryne variety

Cryptocorynes are an interesting group of plants.  They are largely easy to keep and make great low light plants for the planted aquarium.  Naturally they grow along shaded stream banks and shallow water as they are really mostly semi aquatic plants.  There is a wide variety of species available to the …

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Removing Glue From Glass Jars

Removing Glass Label Adhesives I like to use glass jars for my projects for several reasons.  Storing chemicals, keeping mosses or emersed aquatic plants, or making a terrarium.  They are readily available and easy to find.  They have all sorts of lids, shapes, and sizes that come in handy for …

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Growing Moss Indoors Made Easy

Moss cultures

Growing Moss in Trays All you need to start is a tray in plastic or stainless steel.  The one I’m using here is 30 x 20 x 5 cm deep. You must drill a couple of holes in the sides about 2 cm up from the bottom so the moss …

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Landscape Pinguicula

My love for all things botany is gigantic.  Since I was a little kid I have loved nature.  That is why my inventory looks as it does.  Currently there are over 300 different kinds of plants from many genres and groups in my collection. For about 3 years I have …

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Custom Wood Terrarium with David Hermans

We have seen several DIY builds on Biotope One but this terrarium is an exceptional build.  Built by David Hermans from rough cut lumber and other materials.  You can see that it is an unorthodox shape and extraordinary design.  From start to finish you can tell that thought was put …

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The Pillbug Orchid Mount

The Pillbug Orchid Mount is a new kind of mount for growing terrarium orchids, ferns, gesneriads and other small epiphytes.  The Pillbug Orchid Mount is a clear acrylic plate with numerous small holes and rounded notches along its curved margin. The notches make it easy to secure a pad of long-fibre …

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Making a DIY Temperature Controller

Setting up a new tank to breed my plecos meant having to buy new lights, heaters, and filters. While browsing Amazon for a highly rated yet economical aquarium heater, I found myself staring at countless nightmarish reports of heaters overheating resulting in tanks full of dead livestock. Now for me, …

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