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About Us

Activist Projects

  • Palm Oil Awareness Campaign to Reduce the Use and Protect Forest and Jungle
  • Policy Campaigns to Support Government Programs for Habitat Conservation
  • Mail-In Campaigns to Coordinate Massive Communications to Governments and Corporations

Conservation Projects

  • Revitalization Projects to Restore and Maintain Jungle and Stream Habitat
  • Collection and Replenishment of Endemic Plants in Habitat and Cultivation
  • Habitat Support to Protect and Maintain Endemics and Other Scarce Habitat
  • Propagation and Cultivation Programs to Reduce Wild Collection Impact in Threatened Areas.

Who’s on the Biotope One team?

We are committed to conservation through cultivation and working together with a wide array of individuals, groups, projects, and government offices. We are dedicated to trust and transparency throughout all of our projects and interests with all entities public or private. All of our funds are used to the best of their leverage to further Conservation Through Cultivation and all donors and partners can rest assured in our trust.
The Board of Directors are responsible for the direction, projects, and policies throughout the Biotope One group.  members are chosen to bring a wide variety of knowledge and experience to help us grow in all directions.  All our members have a strong work ethic and desire to further conservation and bring new ideas.


Board of Directors

Edward Johnson
Seattle, WA

Lemuel Torres
Muskogee, OK

Josh Richards
Lima, Peru

Gideon Lim
Selangor, Malaysia

Neil Shieh
Berkeley, CA

Richard Valerio
Fort Worth, TX

Fazal Babu
Kerala, India