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Mer Bleue Sphagnum Bog in Ottawa Canada

Mer Bleue Conservation Area Sphagnum Peat Bog

The Mer Bleue Conservation area is a sphagnum bog near Ottawa Ontario, Canada with acidic water. Black spruce, tamarack, bog rosemary, blueberry, and cottongrass make up the majority of plants in this highly unique environment. Beavers, birds, snakes, and frogs are abundant as well. The rare Spotted turtle also makes …

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What Dreams May Come Planted Scape Build


Years ago I found this beautiful movie: What Dreams May Come. It was not only the idea about an afterlife but the way it was shown. Great scape, great colors, a place made by yourself and for yourself. And then I saw the house.  That was the moment when I started to …

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Igapó Rio Negro Amazon Biotope Aquarium

Igapo Rio Negro Amazon Biotope Aquarium

Aquatic plants, fish, substrate, and hardscape. Technical description: Blackwater Rio Negro shallow water aquarium biotope. Tank Dimensions: 24″ * 12″ * 12″ (l*d*h) Lighting: Finnex FugeRay Planted+ Aquarium LED Light Plus Moonlights Tannin stained dark water is not easy for light to penetrate the water column.  To get enough light to grow …

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Sandy Sedimentary Bottom Area in Ndole bay, Zambia Lake Tanganyika

Sandy Sedimentary Bottom Area in Ndole bay, Zambia Lake Tanganyika

by Walter Vázquez Aquatic plants, fish, substrate, and hardscape. Technical description: A biotope aquarium thought to be maintained over time can have a constant evolution from its initial planning because the more we investigate about the chosen biotope the more we want to approach the visual aesthetics and its naturalness. …

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What Does Biotope One Mean?

Photo Hendri Salsa

What does Biotope One mean? B1 A true biotope. In the hobby it’s an aquarium or display with fish and plants that occur in the same area or body of water, where they share a specific habitat. B2 A watersystem. This is a little more broad. It contains fish and …

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Breeding Rare Badis Assamensis of India

Badis assamensis of India

Badis Assamensis was originally thought to be only endemic to the river Brahmaputra in Assam, India from its 1937 discovery. Later it was found in another location in the northern region of West Bengal. This species of aquarium fish comes from slow-moving stained water with sand substrate. Water lilies and …

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Exploring Flora Biotope of East Kalimantan Indonesia


Here’s some photos from an excursion by Hendri Salsa from East Kalamantan Indonesia.  This general region holds some of the most amazing plant life on earth for hobbyists.  Lots of suitable terrarium and aquarium plants.  These kinds of photos can bring inspiration for biotope builds or general aquarium builds by looking at …

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Sinogastromyzon Nantaiensis Hillstream Loach of Southern Taiwan

The Qishan river in Kaohsiung, Taiwan holds many interesting cool water loaches.  Many of the hillstream loaches are not common in the aquarium trade.  As with other similar loaches, Sinogastromyzon nantaiensis require faster-moving water and well-oxygenated water. S. nantaiensis inhabits the middle reaches of the stream in areas with sandy and fine …

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Water Hardness and its Effect on Your Fish

Water quality has a direct impact on the health of aquarium fish. One very important aspect is water hardness. Water hardness has major effects on pH and its stability and hence the survival of your aquarium fish. Water Hardness And Its Effect On Fish: Water hardness is the level of …

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Bucephalandra Propagation and Conservation Efforts

bucephalandra cultivation

First of all I just want to say is this just to my research I’ve also learned from some people and gather the knowledge. I live in Indonesia in West Borneo, the part of the world where buce just lives in our place.  It is very beautiful, rare, and interesting. …

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Grinding Your Own Fish Food

Grinding ingredients for frozen fish food.

Small fish rooms with a lot of fish to feed can get costly.  With several large South and Central American cichlids to feed daily buying prepared food from the fish store can get expensive.  As the fish get bigger they eat more, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with prepackaged …

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Lake Rukwa Tanzania

Hans van Heusden netting fish in Lake Rukwa, Tanzania.

Lake Rukwa Valley lies at an elevation of 2,600 feet between Lake Nyasa and Lake Tanganyika. Its low southeastern edge includes the shallow, alkaline Lake Rukwa, which is fringed by the North and Central Rukwa plains.   The lake is home to around 60 fish species with nearly one-third endemic. Lake …

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Rhaphidophora Beccarii In Situ Indonesia

Rhaphidophora beccarii and possibly some sort of  Cyperaceae.  Submerged there is barclaya

This is a photo os a blackwater stream in Indonesia taken by Silamat. Rhaphidophora beccarii and possibly some sort of  Cyperaceae.  Submerged there is barclaya but no cryptocorynes in this section of water. Leaf litter is abundant in these types of streams as the canopy hangs over the water.  This keeps the …

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See How Red Sea Aquariums Are Made

Red Sea Aquariums Being Made

Have you ever been curious to see how aquariums are made in a factory?  Watch this Red Sea for an amazing experience from start to finish.  Aquariums, as well as stands, are shown being made.  They make it look effortless and easy.

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