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Simple Live Food Cultures for Growing Healthy Betta Fry

Variety of Infusoria

Hobbies can mold a person’s life in a way that can be unimaginable. Not only can they help you to be productive, but also provide you with immense knowledge. In this world, anything and everything can be a hobby, be it creating art or helping people. One such interesting hobby …

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The Cactus Garden of Lanzarote Canary Island

giant cactus

Hidden away below the constant ocean winds of Lanzarote sits the Jardin de Cactus, or the Cactus Garden, which is home to over 400 varieties of cacti and succulents.  The terraced bowl carved into the volcanic lava rock has no guard rails but offers a magnificent view over the grounds. …

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Why Did My Cryptocoryne Melt?

Why did my cryptocoryne die?

Why Did my Cryptos Melt? A common question I get is from aquarium keepers asking why their cryptocorynes have turned into a goo.  Usually, it involves either newly acquired plants or plants that have been moved around in an established tank.  It is a common occurrence and it isn’t always a …

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Plant Tissue Culture Project

Deforestation Loss

Plant Tissue Culture Project Every day we lose 100 plant and animal species to deforestation.  Palm oil plantations, timber cutting, and development are destroying jungles and forests at an incredible rate.  Destruction has left us with only 1/3 of Earth’s forests.  Plants are not like animals that can move around during …

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Nilwala Basin Sri Lanka Biotope Tank

Sri Lanka Aquarium

Nilwala Basin Sri Lanka Biotope Tank by Jeroen Vanhooren Biotope: Near the riverbank of a small stream in the Nilwala basin (Sri Lanka) Dimensions: 70*50*35 (l*d*h) Technical description: Lightning: An Aquatlantis Easy Led 6800 K (28 W) – on timer control. Filter: An internal sump with two sizes of filtration media and …

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Buying New Aquarium Fish

Aquarium offerings

Buying New Aquarium Fish One of the greatest feelings that many hobbyists experience is when they get new fish.  There’s something exciting about being handed that bag of fish at the local fish store for you to take home.  Carefully you handle it as you make your way to the …

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Removing Glue From Glass Jars

Removing Glass Label Adhesives I like to use glass jars for my projects for several reasons.  Storing chemicals, keeping mosses or emersed aquatic plants, or making a terrarium.  They are readily available and easy to find.  They have all sorts of lids, shapes, and sizes that come in handy for …

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Rio Orinoco Colombian Biotope

Rio Orinoco Columbian Amazon

Rio Orinoco Colombian Biotope by Jeroen Vanhooren Biotope: Near the edges of a small Blackwater tributary of Rio Orinoco in Colombia Dimensions: 70*50*35 (l*d*h) Technical description Lightning: 1 x Aquatlantis Easy Led 6800 K (28 W) – time controlled Filter: internal sump with 2 sizes mechanical filtration media and a …

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Ghana Cichlid Limbochromis Robertsi

Ghana Cichlid

Ghana Cichlid Limbochromis Robertsi by Hans van Heusden In the series “The fish and their Biotope” we present you today Limbochromis robertsi. This species was described by Thys van den Audenaerde & Loiselle, 1971. The genus Limbochromis contains only 1 species namely Limbochromis robertsi. L robertsi is a species of …

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Making Your Own Custom Potting Soil

potting soil media

Potting soil is really just a soilless plant medium.   You can make your own potting soil if you have a little time and a little knowledge about what is required for a potting medium.  Some plants require differing soil contents, drainage, and texture.  The only other necessity is the ingredients …

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Using an IBC Tote Breeding Fish

By Edward Johnson I was looking for an inexpensive way to keep larger fish for breeding and for grow out tanks for the fry.  The fish room was downstairs in the unfinished basement and getting a 200 gallon glass or even acrylic tank down there was impossible. One afternoon a …

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Orthochromis Rubrolabiatus and Biotope

by Hans van Heusden It looks there is some interest about these cichlids, thanks! I caught this species first in 2010 in one of the most remote areas of Tanzania, and were very much unknown at that time. Orthochromis rubrolabiatus is a maternal mouth-breeding riverine goby cichlid and is endemic …

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Belize River Tributary Cichlid Biotope

Belize River Tributary by Dieter Duehring You have to dig to find a name for such a body of water in Belize, as I unfortunately do know know it.  There are certainly no beavers in Belize to make a beaver dam though.  In 2012 we found this tributary to hold …

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Tanzania’s Nyamba Ya Mungu Reservoir Cichlids

Photos and article courtesy Hans van Heusden. I was on my way to Nyamba Ya Mungu reservoir. This big man-made lake is located in the North of Tanzania. The reservoir is situated in the Pangani River Valley of the Masai Steppe. It was constructed for the purposes of irrigation, hydro-electric …

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DIY Clay Root Tab Fertilizer

DIY Clay Root Tabs

  DIY root tabs made with dry fertilizers are an excellent way to nourish your aquarium economically and get great results.  Lots of people use dry fertilizers to dose dry, or they mix them with water to make a solution and dose that way.  There is also a way to make …

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