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See How Red Sea Aquariums Are Made

Red Sea Aquariums Being Made

Have you ever been curious to see how aquariums are made in a factory?  Watch this Red Sea for an amazing experience from start to finish.  Aquariums, as well as stands, are shown being made.  They make it look effortless and easy.

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Breeding Wild Bettas to Support Wild Populations

Wild Betta

Everyone knows about Betta splendens but what about the wild types? Most people usually have seen the Bettas in different forms in pet stores. They see them and are in mind that these breeds are in this form only.  The part they are not familiar with is that it takes so …

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Simple Live Food Cultures for Growing Healthy Betta Fry

Variety of Infusoria

Hobbies can mold a person’s life in a way that can be unimaginable. Not only can they help you to be productive, but also provide you with immense knowledge. In this world, anything and everything can be a hobby, be it creating art or helping people. One such interesting hobby …

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Hobbyists Can Plan Their Own Collecting Trips

Hobbyist Collecting Trip

I started the aquarium hobby when I was just 6 years old and 10 years later I had a whole room with tanks.  I bred nearly everything that I could get. From that time on I loved cichlids and killifish. Believe it or not,  I was so crazy with fish that …

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Alder Cones Benefit Fish Health With Tannins

Alder cones

An aquarium is a point of attraction for everyone, tannins and botanicals can help with this. Not only do tannin stained water look good but it improves water quality to ensure the optimum growth and health of the fish.  Alder cones, like Indian Almond leaves, impart color as well as …

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Fruit Fly Cultures Are Quick and Easy DIY Food

Fruit Fly Culture Development

Fruit flies are a popular food for predatory insects, amphibians, and even fish. They are one of the easiest and most inexpensive foods for your animals. These wingless flies vary in size and are used depending upon the size of the predator. Most often Drosophila hydei and Drosophila melanogaster are …

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Microplastics Found in 100 Percent of Estuary Species Studied


The presence of microplastics in gut contents of coastal freshwater fish of the Rio de la Plata estuary was studied. Samples were taken at six different sites where 87 fish belonging to 11 species and four feeding habits were captured and examined. The presence of microplastics was verified in 100% …

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The Planted Vase Opens a Retail Store

One of the Dry Goods Areas

Joe Brunner has opened a different type of aquarium store aimed at helping enthusiasts with limited space and time restraints on maintenance. The Planted Vase offers a full range of plants, fish, hardscape, filters, and lighting to create an aquarium to suit most any interest or need. Nano aquariums, as …

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Kuribrong River Guyana Aquarium Biotope

by Jeroen Vanhooren Biotope: Near the river banks of a small tributary of the Kuribrong river (Guyana) Dimensions: 70*50*35 (l*d*h) Technical description: Lightning: 1 x Aquatlantis Easy Led 6800 K (28 W) – time controlled. Filter: internal sump with 2 sizes mechanical filtration media and a biological filtration medium. Pump …

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Got My Biotope Aquarium Design Contest Magazine

Biotope Aquarium Design Contest Magazine

Biotopes are great!  Who doesn’t love a well designed and thought out biotope aquarium or terrarium?  Perusing the web I saw that the Biotope Aquarium Design contest had released a printed magazine of contestants from 2016.  I had to add this one to my collection of books and periodicals. Print …

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Terrarium From an Old Fashioned Lantern

You can get some pretty good ideas for interesting terrariums and micro aquariums for the home.  Lanterns meant to burn oil using a wick have a glass to protect the flame from wind and reduce the chance of fire.  It also makes an attractive terrarium for home decor. “It was …

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Should Your Next Fish be Wild Caught or Captive Bred?

Wild Caught Ornamental Fish

In the aquarium hobby, we often hear about wild caught fish. More often than not we hear not to purchase wild caught fish. Are farm raised or captive bred fish the best option? Captive bred can really make an impact but sometimes, wild caught does more than you think. Which …

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Betta Farm Like You Have Never Seen Before

Massive Betta Farm Water Change

Betta Farm Like You Have Never Seen Before Have you ever been curious to see how betta are farmed?  This far supposedly has 300 thousand fish.  With that many fish to take care of it has to be made into some kind of system. These small bottles have a cut made …

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Make Easy Cuttings to Propagate Monstera Obliqua

Monstera obliqua Jonathan Hiew

Grow More of Your Favorite Plants Easily Have you ever wanted to have more of your favorite houseplants?  With this technique, you can grow an abundance of plants.  Soon you’ll have enough for new projects,  to trade for new plants, or even give them away.  Many plants can be grown …

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Here’s How Plant Hunting Can Help Your Design

  Outfitted with a few plastic bags and a camera Slamet sets off to hunt for and collect new plants for his displays.  Cryptocorynes along the roadside are a commonly found but desirable aquarium plant suitable to be grown emersed above water, or submerged in the aquarium.  It isn’t terribly uncommon …

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